• Three in ten (28%) Canadians ‘strongly agree’ that ‘their math and money management skills will help them plan for a secure financial future, leaving most (72%) Canadians not fully confident (Ipsos Reid for ABC Life Literacy Canada)
  • Nearly 50% of Canadians struggle with simple tasks involving math and numbers. (ABC Life Literacy Canada)
  • 51% of Canadians had a budget and that those with higher levels of education were more likely to have a budget. Thirty-one percent of Canadians were struggling to meet their bills and payments. (Taskforce on Financial Literacy)
  • Four in ten (38%) Canadians say that they aren’t putting any money away on a monthly basis for long-term savings. Furthermore, four in ten (38%) Canadians say their household doesn’t follow a budget. Of the six in ten (62%) that do, just 12% always stay within budget, while 77%usually do, 10% rarely stay in budget and 1% never do. (Ipsos Reid for ABC Life Literacy Canada)


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“The Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network is the largest network in Canada, and has the largest number of members from the business community. It is a strong, collaborative network that is well-positioned to advance financial literacy in Saskatchewan."  

Jane Rooney, Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader