Banking Basics, Credit, and Loans

Buying a vehicle (Innovation Credit Union) - Advice on leasing or financing a vehicle. 
What is a Personal Credit Rating in Canada? (My Money Coach) - Find out what a credit rating and score is, what a credit reporting agency does, and other useful information.
Glossary of Credit and Personal Finance Terms: General Meanings and Definitions (Credit Counselling Society) - Follow this link to be taken to a list of common credit and financial terms used today.
Welcome to Your Financial Toolkit (FCAC) - A tool to help evaluate your finances and learn how to manage your finances in a more efficient way.
Financing a Car (FCAC) - Learn more about the different options to finance a vehicle, how to budget for one, the risks involved and other important information. 
Credit Union Members (FCAA) - Learn more about credit unions, what they are and what purpose they serve. 
Opening a Bank Account (CBA) - Tips and advice for when opening a bank account.
Credit and Loans (FCAC) - Find out more about credit, personal loans, and good/bad credit, 

Find information here on the basics of banking, credit and loans. Links provided here will help improve your financial literacy on topics such as opening a bank account, financing a car, credit cards and more.

Read :"Borrower Information" to learn general knowledge about payday loans, requirements for a loan and your rights. 

Insurance Consumers (FCAA) - Find a list of current insurance companies in Saskatchewan. Learn more about insurance and insurance companies.
What kinds of bank accounts are there? (Settlement) - Information on the different types of bank accounts available to you, information on which kind will work best for your banking needs, what service fees are and so on.
Credit Reporting and Scoring: How to Establish, Maintain, Check, Protect and Rebuild Credit (My Money Coach) - Tips and advice on the basics to credit. 

Read "Welcome to the Neighbourhood" for information on buying a home. (Synergy Credit Union)

Understand your rights when opening a personal bank account. (FCAC)

Solving Debt Problems (My Money Coach) - Helpful information on how to pay off debt, credit cards, advice on getting out of debt and how to keep it that way.
Payday Loan Borrowers (FCAA) - Find articles related to payday loans, if Saskatchewan payday loan laws apply to your loans, learn how to make an informed borrowing decision, your right to cancel a loan, filing a complaint on a payday loan and other important information.
Loans and Lines of Credit (Synergy Credit Union) - Find information on the different loans available to you, and how a line credit could be of benefit..
Understanding Credit (CBA) - Learn how a credit card transaction is processed and tips on using your credit wisely,