Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network?
The Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network is a group of organizations who are working to increase the level of financial literacy in our province across a wide range of audiences across the province by coordination of resources.

2. How is the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network funded?
The network is funded by businesses, chambers of commerce, community economic development agencies and financial institutions.  There are different levels of financial commitment that provide separate benefits. 

3. What will the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network do?
The goal is to enhance the level of financial literacy among a range of audiences including seniors, youth, students, newcomers to Canada, Aboriginal people, working people and the unemployed.

Actual services provided will include the following:

  • Maintain a website that is easy to use with access to information, programs and contacts that are designed for the persons need. This information exists but is not available in one place. 
  • Maintain a contact list of experts from financial institutions, agencies and businesses who can provide support in terms of consulting, workshops or training courses. This means we don’t have to create content but would promote the resources and specific courses being held.

4. Who will be on the Board?
The Boards role is important; it will be responsible for the governance of the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network. The initial Board will be made up of a combination of funders and service providers. This blend will ensure financial sustainability and program integrity.

5. Will there be a cost to access the information?
The website will offer at no cost the ability to share resources and access contacts for financial literacy services. There are many courses offered that charge a fee but often financial institutions offer courses and counselling at no cost. So a range of services and resources will be available and some will use a “fee for service” model. Revenue for the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network operations will come from funders, not from program fees.

6. Where is the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network located?  
This is a Saskatchewan initiative and available online across the province. The staff person’s location will be determined after discussion with the Board and the search process is conducted.

7. Which organizations are involved in the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network?
The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, SREDA, Innovation Credit Union, Affinity Credit Union and Saskatoon Industry Education Council are the working committee.

8. When will the Saskatchewan Financial Literacy Network and website be launched?
Depending on funding, we hope to launch during Financial Literacy Month in November, 2016.

9. How does the network plan to reach out to its various audiences?
We have a good list of key contacts in various sectors and will build upon that. In fact, over 80 people attended the initial meeting in November in Saskatoon.

10. What is the Advisory Council referenced in the Partnership Opportunities? How does it differ from the Board?
The Advisory Council will be made up of both organizations who deliver financial literacy programs and representatives from the target audiences such as groups like Junior Achievement and seniors groups. We want them to advise on program and resources details. The Board will ensure effective use of financial resources and oversee the staff personnel and establish sustainable funding.

11. How do I get involved and who do I make the cheque out to?

Great question! Simply go to our Partnership Opportunities page and complete the commitment form and mail it with your cheque.

For further questions please send an email and we will get back to you.