Need help determining the financial side of how much your child will need for post-secondary education? (Conexus Credit Union)

Money Management Tips for Teens (Credit Counselling Society) - Tips for budgeting, planning your future, and building your credit. 

For Teens

Your Money Students for Parents (Your Money) - More resources to teach your child about financial matters and money, information on youth accounts and saving for your child's education.
Teaching Your Teen About Student Credit Cards (Affinity Credit Union) - Learn how a student credit card works.
Tips to Teach Your Kids about Smart Money Management (Credit Counselling Society) - Advice for parents, help your kids become financially knowledgeable.

For Kids

Learning financial literacy as a child can give our youth the skills and tools necessary to make smart and important financial decisions later on in their life. Need help figuring out when to start teaching your child about financial literacy? Not sure how to do so? Here you can find helpful tips and tools in order to do so. 

Financial Literacy - Youth/Parents/Educators (FCAA) - Here you can find links to information about teaching kids about money and also tips and advice related to post-secondary education.

Youth & Parents

Life After High School (RBC) - Informational articles and videos for life after high school, tips on starting your line of credit, tips for borrowing, managing finances and so on.
Tools & Games (JA Canada) - Follow this link to be directed to a site with interactive tool and learn more about how finances and the environment, and also test what you know through a fun game!
Government Money for Your Child's Education (SmartSAVER) - Start an RESP, or access more information about starting an RESP for your child's future education.
Teaching Children About Money (FCAC) - How and when to start teaching their children about money and how to be financially responsible. Other articles on this page include teaching children about smarter spending, teaching money skills, teaching teens about money, advice for a teen's first job, and so on.

For parents

Glossary of Credit and Personal Finance Terms: General Meanings and Definitions (Credit Counselling Society) - Follow the below link to be taken to a list of common credit and financial terms used today.

Stretching Your Back to School Budget (My Money Coach) - Tips to save on back to school shopping with your child.